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How We Work

The world's best talent is distributed globally, and so are we - we're a company founded in San Francisco, but with a team based all around the globe. Across our various timezones, cultures, and geographic distance, there is definitely one common thread among us: We are passionate about helping analytically-minded leaders use insights to supercharge their subscription businesses!

We operate totally asynchronously (no internal company meetings! Really!) and autonomously (no one will tell you what to do; everyone has context on the big-picture company goals and you will figure out how to work towards them with the rest of the team).

Sound crazy different from what you're familiar with? It is! But it totally works!

Come join us!

Inclusion at our core

There are many reasons why we work the way that we do. One really important aspect is inclusion.

The best ideas win: Instead of having live meetings to discuss ideas, we have asynchronous discussions in documents. This means everyone gets a chance to weigh in without influence/bias from others. At Subscript, the loudest voices don't win; the best ideas do!

Everybody knows what's up: We document anything + everything at Subscript. This fosters transparency, provides context, and gives everyone an opportunity to get involved with any projects they're interested in (or, to push back when we're not focusing on the right stuff).

Work when it's right for YOU: At Subscript, we set our own work schedules so we can work when we feel most productive. Be empowered to go for that walk to enjoy the beautiful day, pick up your kiddos from school, take a nap because you had a crappy night of sleep last night.. all of this is A-OK (and encouraged!) at Subscript.

Some other fun stuff!

Benefits appropriate to your location (health/dental/vision in the USA)

Company-wide retreats multiple times per year, all around the world (location ideas are crowdsourced from team members)

Unlimited vacation (but required 2 weeks minimum)

Learning & Development stipend so you can continue your skillset and career growth

Note: Like all start-ups we're scrappy, but not scrappy on compensation: Subscript is committed to paying our awesome team members at market-rate, including benefits.

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