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Meet Subscript. The modern, flexible way to invoice customers and track B2B SaaS metrics.
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Case Study
If you run a SaaS company then Subscript is a must-have. Period. It empowers us to make the right strategic decisions because of the insights it unlocks.
— Quim Sabrià, Co-founder & CEO of Edpuzzle

Does this sound like you?

We do all of this in spreadsheets now, and it’s really tedious. We recently found a few mistakes and were mortified that we had to restate significantly corrected revenue numbers to the board. We need something like Subscript.
Director of Operations
~$10M ARR company
We’ve used Salesforce for everything since our founding, but of course it’s not set up to do financial analyses. So, every time I need to do a cohort analysis, my team downloads data from Salesforce and spends a week putting it together. Need to look at a slightly different cut? Another week.
VP of Product Strategy
~$500M ARR company
It’s totally ridiculous that every SaaS company has to reinvent the wheel when it comes to SaaS metrics. I previously hired a team of data engineers and PMs just to do this, and it would break all the time. And that's usually a multi-year, extremely expensive journey.
Head of FP&A
~$100M ARR company
Chiffer lets finance teams get real-time snapshots of how their subscription business is performing2
Ilona Herder
Chiffer lets finance teams get real-time snapshots of how their subscription business is performing3
Ilona Herder

With Subscript, you can:

Have key metrics at your fingertips

Instant access to your ARR, LTV, CAC, NRR, GRR, and 54 other SaaS metrics. You can finally stop manually updating ARR spreadsheets and get hours back every week.

Automate your invoicing

Whether you send 1,000 invoices a month, or 5 per quarter, Subscript Billing helps you get every invoice out on time.

Revenue Recognition you can count on

Subscript automatically calculates your revenue recognition in accordance with ASC 606/IFRS.

Save time and stop wrangling data

Save 20+ hours each month. Allocate those hours away from wrangling data and towards strategic priorities.

Analyze your usage-based revenue!

Subscript is the only platform that understands usage-based revenue so you know the impact it's having on your business.

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How it works

Subscript creates your "source of truth" database

We'll connect to any system necessary to send invoices and have accurate SaaS metrics. Subscript connects to:

Every CRM

Every Billing Tool

Every General Ledger

Your Data Warehouse

Modern billing and analytics

Your team's time is valuable. Don't spend it sending manual invoices, cleaning data, and wrangling spreadsheets.

Understand your customer cohorts

Getting insight into cohorted behavior is key to building a successful subscription business. With Subscript, you can change what you're cohorting on with the click of a button: revenue, pilots, trials, anything.

Use Сases

Use Subscript to simplify building and maintaining models and dashboards

Get data from: Salesforce, Hubspot, Stripe, Quickbooks, Xero, Netsuite

Let Subscript help get it analysis-ready

  • Figure out recurring vs non-recurring revenue
  • Separate revenue into new, upsell, existing, downsell, and churn buckets
  • Create cohorts of net revenue retention, lead conversions, and opportunity wins

Send that data to

  • Data warehouses like Snowflake, Redshift, or Bigquery
  • Spreadsheets like Google Sheets or Excel

Subscript is the only platform that understands Metered or GMV Take Rate Revenue

Easily add your metered or GMV take rate revenue to Subscript from any platform (Stripe, your internal platform)

Understand cohorts of subscription customers both including and excluding metered revenue

Tell the story of the reliability and recurring-ness of your metered revenue

Built for modern B2B SaaS companies

Subscript is the modern, flexible, and affordable way to invoice customers and track B2B SaaS metrics. It's time to wave goodbye to your error-prone ARR and Rev Rec spreadsheets.

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Why Subscript, Why Now?

A note from our CEO and Founder

I'm so energized by this opportunity to build you something that I wish I had when I was growing and running my B2B SaaS company. I understand this problem deeply because I’ve lived it!

As the CEO and de-facto CFO of Freckle Education, my leadership team and I invested tons of time, money, and mental energy in heavily tracking key metrics critical to our product roadmap, sales strategy, and board reporting. Key metrics took forever to prepare, and due to the manual methods, there were still occasional mistakes.

Our team's mission is to empower you with subscription intelligence so you waste less time hunting down data and spend more time making data-driven decisions to grow your company!

Designed with your security in mind

Your data is powerful—no one should access it without your permission. For that reason, our information security practices are designed to meet or exceed industry standards.

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