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With multiple revenue streams and complex integrations, it was difficult and time-consuming for Decisely to calculate their SaaS metrics. Now, with Subscript, they can access their metrics instantly—allowing them to analyze their business easily and make confident decisions.
Customer Story
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Decisely offers a health benefits solution designed for franchisees, small businesses, contractors, and sole proprietors.
Company size: 51-100 employees
Location: Alpharetta, GA
Stage: Private Equity Backed
The cost-benefit to us is tremendous. Subscript is an enormous value.
– Brad White, Chief Strategy and Financial Officer at Decisely
Looking for clarity around your SaaS metrics? Discover how Subscript can help.
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Key benefits
for Decisely
Ability to easily analyze
complex data
Confidence in their
data accuracy
Enormous ROI due
to improved efficiency
Decisely’s non-traditional revenue model was causing data complexity
Brad White, Chief Strategy and Financial Officer at Decisely, had a complicated series of data sets on his hands.

As a benefits solution provider, Decisely doesn’t just earn revenue from traditional SaaS subscriptions. They also generate revenue from health insurance commissions, which differ based on the rates and premiums of their policies.

“It's 500,000 different lines if you really break it down, all of which have different commission rates and premiums. And if you start doing the math on that, it gets very complex very quickly, “ says Brad.

Before Subscript, Decisely used Excel to calculate their metrics. At the end of each month, it took the finance team several days of analyzing the numbers just to calculate the company’s ARR for the month. By the time the reports were in, it was already time to start the next month’s numbers.

Plus, because the data was coming in from multiple sources and required a lot of manual calculation, it was prone to error. At one point, the team caught an error in one of their formulas that forced them to go back and rework the metrics from the past few months. This left the team—and the board—with low confidence in the accuracy of their metrics.

That’s when Brad started looking for a solution.
A more efficient way to analyze the metrics
When Brad discovered Subscript, he was thrilled at the idea of replacing their spreadsheets with a purpose-built solution for delivering B2B SaaS metrics. But, he thought it seemed too good to be true. Could it really handle Decisely’s complex data?

After digging in, Brad was wowed by Subscript’s ability to connect to a wide variety of data sources and automatically generate accurate, dependable SaaS metrics. Now Brad and his team have the confidence to share insights and communicate about the metrics with stakeholders.
“A lot of SaaS businesses are going to think they're really complex but trust me, there is no level of complexity that Subscript can't handle.”
– Brad White, CFO at Decisely
With Subscript, reporting that used to take days of work from Brad’s team can now be done instantly. They can also double-click into the metrics in a way that would have been impossible before.
“Whereas before, we were kind of reporting high-level data, now with Subscript, we can go much deeper and provide much more specific information which helps us as a management team make better decisions.”
– Brad White, CFO at Decisely
The ROI of Subscript: higher efficiency and confidence in the data
In a challenging economy, ROI was top of mind for Brad, and Subscript delivered the results he was looking for.
“The cost benefit to us is tremendous. Subscript is an enormous value.”
– Brad White, CFO at Decisely
Decisely’s investment in Subscript has paid off by freeing up significant amounts of time for the team to focus on accelerating cash flow and other projects that move the needle for the business, rather than manually performing and double-checking their calculations.
“The biggest return on investment for us is building confidence. We're now able to look above the horizon, to think about growth and new products for our customers, and not have to look behind us and say, is everything working properly? Are we doing the calculations right?”
– Brad White, CFO at Decisely
In addition to improved efficiency, having access to business-critical metrics in real-time allows Decisely to make faster and better-informed strategic decisions. Plus, they have high confidence in their data accuracy, so it’s easier to share results with the board and commit to business decisions.

Brad shares his final takeaway from using Subscript:
“This investment has been probably one of the best we've made.”
– Brad White, CFO at Decisely
Improve efficiency and confidence in your own B2B SaaS metrics with Subscript
Subscript gives you access to all of your B2B SaaS metrics, including ARR, churn, LTV, and more, in a visually intuitive dashboard. Ready to see how Subscript can give you clarity into your financial data? Request a demo today.
Looking for clarity around your SaaS metrics? Discover how Subscript can help.
Request a demo today

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