Case study

Edpuzzle + Subscript

Edpuzzle needed to keep investors informed about the trajectory and velocity of their business. Subscript enabled them to get faster strategic answers with more transparency.
Customer Story
Edpuzzle is a learning platform that allows teachers to engage students with video lessons and track learning objectives with powerful analytics.
Company size: 51-200 employees
Location: San Francisco and Barcelona
Stage: Series A
If you have a SaaS company, you need to have Subscript. Period.
– Quim Sabrià, CEO at Edpuzzle
Looking for clarity around your SaaS metrics? Discover how Subscript can help.
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Key benefits
for Edpuzzle
More confidence in
strategic decisions
Visibility into accurate
SaaS metrics
Transparent answers
for investors
Edpuzzle had plenty of data, but not enough actionable information
In the wake of COVID-19, edtech companies experienced a huge surge in demand for e-learning products, and San Francisco-based Edpuzzle was no exception.

The video-learning company received a lot of interest from not only new customers, but also potential investors over the last two years. While this was great news, it meant they needed a clearer understanding of their SaaS metrics to work strategically with investors and grow the business in response to demand in the market.

To get the complete picture of how their business was doing, Edpuzzle was using separate dashboards in each of the key tools in their tech stack, including Salesforce, Quickbooks, and Mixpanel.

This left CEO Quim Sabrià with a challenge: he had lots of data from each of these different sources, but it wasn’t helping his team work more effectively.
"You can track absolutely everything these days, but the information you get needs to be useful for your team to make decisions. That wasn't happening."
– Quim Sabrià, CEO at Edpuzzle
As the team grew in size, their data challenge was getting bigger, too. That’s when they turned to Subscript to get better visibility into their SaaS metrics.
A better way to share updates with investors
With Subscript, the Edpuzzle team was able to view all of their key metrics in a single dashboard, rather than cross-referencing across multiple platforms and manually compiling data into an Excel spreadsheet in order to get a 360° picture of the business.

When investors had a question, Quim could simply take a screenshot or share a link in Subscript instead of spending hours or days analyzing data. Being able to give investors the pulse of the business instantly, in a professional and transparent format, was a game-changer for him. For the first time, investors could immediately understand the trajectory of the business without having to ask lots of follow-up questions.
"Subscript checks all the boxes for metrics that every single SaaS company should track"
– Quim Sabrià, CEO at Edpuzzle
More visibility into their data led to more confident strategic decisions
In addition to improving their investor relations, being able to easily view and drill down into all of their business metrics allows the Edpuzzle team to make strategic decisions with more confidence.

Recently, the leadership team hypothesized that there was a gap between the value their product offered and the price they were charging. They suspected they could increase their pricing, but they wanted to be sure they wouldn’t lose a significant portion of their customer base.

Subscript helped the Edpuzzle team keep an eagle eye on their retention metrics as they adjusted their pricing strategy. Being able to optimize their pricing without significantly increasing customer churn led to a huge impact on Edpuzzle’s valuation.

Quim appreciates the unparalleled visibility he gets into how his business is performing with Subscript.
Quim Sabrià
CEO at Edpuzzle
"Thanks to Subscript we literally have all the information we need to make decisions. Without this information, it's almost like driving blindfolded. I prefer to drive while seeing where I'm going. That's what Subscript gives to a SaaS company."

Get better insights into your B2B SaaS metrics with Subscript
Subscript gives you access to all of your B2B SaaS metrics, including ARR, churn, LTV, and more, in a visually intuitive dashboard. Ready to see how Subscript can give you clarity into your financial data? Request a demo today.
Looking for clarity around your SaaS metrics? Discover how Subscript can help.
Request a demo today

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