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Parsable + Subscript

Parsable needed real-time answers into how their business was performing, without spending tons of time on reporting. With Subscript, they were able to get immediate insights from their B2B SaaS metrics and make faster decisions.
Customer Story
Parsable offers modern digital tools for industrial workers to improve productivity, quality, and safety.
Company size: 101-250 employees
Location: San Francisco
Stage: Series D
We finally have this real-time view of all of the commercial data in our business.
– Jason Kalira,
COO (formerly CFO) at Parsable
Looking for clarity around your SaaS metrics? Discover how Subscript can help.
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Key benefits
for Parsable
Instant insights to make
real-time business decisions
Time savings for their
lean finance team
Easy cohort analysis
of data
Fast growth brought data challenges for Parsable
Jason Kalira, formerly CFO and now COO at Parsable, had a challenge.

As a growth-stage B2B SaaS startup, it was becoming increasingly complicated for Parsable to answer strategic questions about their business. The company was picking up speed, and it had a diverse mix of products, revenue streams, and customer segments.

The Parsable team needed answers to key questions around their efficiency: Could they be spending more to drive faster growth? Were they spending too much?

The finance team was still lean, and the company was at an inflection point.
Analysis was time-consuming for the small finance team
Plus, Parsable was finding that manual analysis was time-consuming and always came with a trade-off: how much could the lean team do in a limited amount of time, and how stale would the data be by the time it arrived?

When the team needed quick answers but didn’t have easy access to data, they sometimes had to rely on back-of-the-envelope math or directional data that wasn’t entirely accurate. This led to confusion and rework, which slowed the company down.

For the Parsable leadership team, static data and once-a-month updates weren’t enough. What’s more, they needed to be able to visualize their data and share it with their board and team in a way that made sense.

That’s when they decided to turn to Subscript.
An intuitive way to get insights from B2B SaaS metrics
When Jason and his team started using Subscript to get insights into their business, they immediately noticed how much time they could save on analysis. Instead of manually analyzing data in a spreadsheet and creating data visualizations, they could pull the information they needed, slice it in different ways, and visualize it in intuitive charts. The data was right there at their fingertips, instantly.
“With Subscript, I'm no longer asking my RevOps team to go create a bunch of
custom dashboards or do things with Salesforce that it's not meant to do”
– Jason Kalira, COO (formerly CFO) at Parsable
Parsable’s finance team is now able to conduct instant, real-time analysis, rather than spending hours or days manually pulling data in preparation for board meetings. They no longer have to make resourcing tradeoffs in order to answer strategic questions, and they’ve created a lot of velocity in the organization.
“In terms of the insights we can provide quickly we’re starting to generate a ton of speed in the business.”
– Jason Kalira, COO (formerly CFO) at Parsable
In addition to saving time and providing easier access to data, using Subscript has given Parsable increased clarity and control over what’s happening with their business.

Being able to parse data in different ways, Jason says, shifts him from being the storyteller of the data to being a story writer—using data to make better, faster decisions instead of simply interpreting it.
Jason Kalira
COO (formerly CFO) at Parsable
“It puts you in a position to make those decisions in concert with your colleagues, not just report on them after they happened. Before Subscript, we were too busy, heads down, trying to think of the right question, doing all the work to uncover it, and hoping something insightful would come from it. Subscript has kind of turned that dynamic on its head”
A clearer view into Parsable’s financial health, in a fraction of the time
For Jason, the time and resources his team has saved by using Subscript has been a game-changer. He’s been able to keep a lean and efficient team, even as the business continues to grow.

Parsable’s days of choosing between back-of-the envelope math or lengthy data analysis are now a thing of the past.

The result: Parsable is now able to make faster, better-informed strategic decisions.

Here’s what Jason recommends to other finance leaders:
"I wanted a platform that could cover the most surface area in terms of my subscription metrics, pulling my expense data in, having a visualization layer that was really intuitive that I could get to other people outside of my org, and I found that with Subscript."
– Jason Kalira, COO (formerly CFO) at Parsable
Get better insights into your B2B SaaS metrics with Subscript
Subscript gives you access to all of your B2B SaaS metrics, including ARR, churn, LTV, and more, in a visually intuitive dashboard. Ready to see how Subscript can give you clarity into your financial data? Request a demo today.
Looking for clarity around your SaaS metrics? Discover how Subscript can help.
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