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12 B2B Finance Thought Leaders Who Are Making Waves

Follow these 12 thought leaders to get the most up-to-date insights on the issues that affect today’s B2B finance professionals.

There’s no better way to grow your B2B SaaS finance career than connecting with the right community and learning from the brightest thought leaders.

In this roundup, we highlight 12 finance leaders with stellar careers who generously share their knowledge through webinars, podcasts, and interviews. They offer insights on strategic planning, the evolving role of today’s CFO, leading high-impact teams, and more.

Read on to get inspired and discover something new!

Elena Gomez, CFO at Toast

Elena is currently CFO at Toast, where she recently helped lead the company through an IPO.

She is also a Board Member at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and Board Member/Audit Committee Chair at both PagerDuty and Smartsheet. She previously held finance leadership roles at Zendesk and Salesforce.

🧠 She shares her career advancement tips in this interview with Airbase. She also offers advice for IPO readiness and monitoring the metrics in this interview with Operator Collective.

👉 Connect with Elena on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter.

Rose Punkunus, Founder and CEO at Sudozi

Rose led finance teams at Uber, Fundbox, and ScaleFactor before founding FP&A startup Sudozi, where she is currently CEO. She has an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management, a bachelor’s degree from MIT, and a background in pricing, product strategy, and data science.

🧠 You can hear her story about founding Sudozi in this interview on Kruze Consulting’s Founders and Friends podcast. She shares lessons learned from her finance career in this interview with CFO Connect.

👉 Connect with Rose on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter.

Victor Wong, Head of Finance at ResQ

Victor is currently Head of Finance at ResQ, a series A company that offers a restaurant repair and maintenance platform. He was previously COO and CFO at retail technology company Flipp, where he led the team through a period of rapid growth and fundraising.

🧠 You can hear his advice on leading through hyper-growth in this episode of CFO Weekly. He shares insights on scaling a business in this episode of Elite Expert Insider. Finally, you can hear the story of his career and the lessons he’s learned along the way in this episode of My CFO Journey.

👉 Connect with Victor on LinkedIn.

Chitra Balasubramanian, CFO at CircleCI

Chitra serves as CFO at CircleCI, which recently announced a $1.7B valuation and made two acquisitions.

She previously led finance and analytics teams at RetailNext and PricewaterhouseCoopers, and she has an MBA in Finance from UCLA Anderson School of Management. She was recently named to Constellation Research’s 2023 Business Transformation 150 list.

🧠 She discusses the importance of women in tech in this interview with Cheddar News. She shares her advice on leadership, fundraising, and what makes an effective CFO in this interview with Adam Mendler. She also shares insights on SaaS metrics on our own episode of Diving Deep with Subscript.

👉 Connect with Chitra on LinkedIn.

Peter Nesbitt, COO at Teampay

Peter is COO at Teampay, where he was previously VP of Finance. He has also led finance teams at Bitly and Unified.

🧠 Hear about his career journey and his advice on making better financial decisions in this episode of the Level Up podcast. He also writes for Forbes on finance topics and is teaching a 4-week course on advanced finance leadership with Pavilion this fall.

👉 Connect with Peter on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter.

Ada Johnson, VP of Finance at Heap

Ada is VP of Finance at Heap, a Series D digital analytics company, and she holds an MBA from UC Berkeley.

🧠 She shares her thoughts on collaborative leadership, communication, and must-have tools in this interview with CFO Connect. She also shares her opinions on the top five financial terms that operations professionals should understand in this interview with AdaptivOps.

👉 Connect with Ada on LinkedIn.

Amer Ali, VP of Finance at Netlify

Amer serves as VP of Finance at CMS platform Netlify and Advisor at Airbase. He was recently recognized by The Anchor List for his accomplishments in leading Netlify’s strategic finance and business operations through a period of rapid growth.

🧠 He shares his insights on improving operations with automation in this episode of Off the Ledger LIVE! He also dives into metrics, working on cross-functional teams, and telling a story from the numbers in this episode of 20-Minute Tales from the Frontlines of Finance.

👉 Connect with Amer on LinkedIn.

Alka Tandan, CFO at Gainsight

Alka is CFO at Series E software company Gainsight, which recently scaled to a $1B valuation. She is also an investor, a founding member of TechCFO, and part of the Forbes Finance Council. She holds an MBA from UC Berkeley.

🧠 Watch her fireside chat from the CFO Connect Summit, where she discusses managing hypergrowth, zero-based budgeting, and the future of FP&A. You can also hear her insights on the most important SaaS metrics and the key levers for increasing NRR in our own interview with Alka on this episode of Diving Deep with Subscript.

👉 Connect with Alka on LinkedIn.

Pedro Monteiro de Barros, VP of Finance at Remote

Pedro is VP of Finance at Remote, a Series C international payroll and tax management startup. He also mentors at TechStars.

🧠 He offers his thoughts on the future of remote work and how it will affect global payroll in this episode of the Forward Exchanges podcast. Hear his advice for developing a high-impact finance team in this episode of 20-Minute Tales from the Frontlines of Finance. Watch his AMA webinar with CFO Connect, where he talks about hypergrowth during a crisis and building a remote finance team.

👉 Connect with Pedro on LinkedIn.

Aneal Vallurupalli, CFO at Airbase

Aneal is CFO at spend management software company Airbase. He previously held finance leadership roles at Mattermost and Mapbox.

🧠 He hosts Airbase’s series What I Wish I Knew, where he interviews fellow finance and operations professionals on issues that impact CFOs. Listen to his keynote at Future of Spend Management for Businesses and his thoughts on the evolving role of CFO in this interview with PYMNTS.

👉 Connect with Aneal on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter.

Meir Rotenberg, Director of Finance at Spiff

Meir is currently Director of Finance at Spiff, a Series B sales commission software startup, and he previously led Finance at ResoluteAI.

🧠 Read his advice on streamlining operations for fast-growing companies in this article on the Airbase blog, and watch his 20-Minute Tales from the Frontlines of Finance talk here.

👉 Connect with Meir on LinkedIn.

Myoung Kang, Interim CFO for Startups

Myoung is a consultant who serves as interim CFO to startups, and she is an Expert in Residence - Finance at First Round Capital.

She has worked with notable startups including Notion, MyFitnessPal, Pulse, and Glint, and has led multiple companies through exits, acquisitions, and fundraising rounds.

🧠 Hear her stories from 17 startup exits in this interview with CFO Connect.

👉 Connect with Myoung on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter.

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