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7 SaaS Finance Experts You Need to Follow on LinkedIn

Looking for the top SaaS finance leaders to follow on LinkedIn? Here are seven that need to be on your list.

When it comes to business, who you know makes all the difference. With that in mind, LinkedIn is a great resource for SaaS finance leaders looking for advice and connections. However, with so many profiles to sort through, it can be tough to know where to start.

Searches for CFOs, advisors, and investors to follow are likely to return thousands of results. It can be dizzying to sort through those results to find profiles with posts that speak to you. We’ve compiled a list with a few must-follow SaaS finance leaders to help you get started!

1.) Amy Weaver - President and CFO of Salesforce


In an interview with Forbes, Amy Weaver explains that across her career in a male-dominated industry, her attempts to fit in as ‘one of the guys’ hindered her from reaching her full potential. Now, Amy freely brings a personal approach to leadership and strives to empower other women to do the same. Her profile is full of resources and information about women in finance and SaaS.

2.) Allen Shim - Advisor and Angel Investor, Former CFO of Slack


Allen Shim took a winding road to his role as Slack’s first-ever CFO. After a successful career as an equity researcher on Wall Street, Allen made the move to Silicon Valley, embracing startup culture and fueling his passion for innovation. Now an advisor and investor, Allen uses his profile to share the lessons he’s learned across his diverse career in finance and startups.

3.) Jason Child - CFO of Splunk


For over 20 years, Jason Child has served as CFO for multiple e-commerce giants, including Amazon’s international division. With a long record of successfully scaling high-growth companies, Jason’s profile is an excellent resource for workshops, reports, and articles catering to SaaS financial topics.

4.) Kelly Steckelberg - CFO of Zoom


As businesses increasingly transition toward remote work, Kelly Steckelberg’s insight is invaluable. Her extensive experience in finance and leadership includes over 4 years as CFO at Zoom. Amy’s profile is loaded with tips for financial leaders, focused on increasing employee autonomy, independence and choice in the workplace.

5.) Ben Murray - Founder at and


Ben Murray is a Certified Public Accountant and former CFO who now provides SaaS coaching and financial consulting. In addition to private consulting services, Ben also hosts a blog with over 40,000 subscribers. When you follow Ben, you’ll find info on finance-related events, courses, and workshops, as well as his monthly newsletter full of helpful and thought-provoking content for SaaS founders.

6.) Promise Phelon - Founder of Growth Warrior Capital, Investor, SaaS expert


After making her own way as a businessperson, Promise Phelon is dedicated to helping others find the same success. In 2018, she founded Growth Warrior Capital, which provides funding and mentorship to women and minority business founders. Her profile is a crucial resource for information about underrepresented groups in SaaS.

7.) Jason Lemkin - Founder of SaaStr and Investor


Jason Lemkin is an expert SaaS founder and investor. In 2012, he founded the blog SaaStr to share his experiences taking EchoSign from $0 to $100M ARR. A decade later, his blog still serves as a key asset to fellow founders. Follow him to stay in the loop about courses, articles, and workshops to help you grow your business fast.