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8 Resources for Finance Leaders in B2B SaaS

These 8 resources will help you stay up to date and become an even better B2B SaaS finance leader!

At Subscript, we have the benefit of diving deep into subscription metrics with leaders at a variety of B2B SaaS companies.

We know these finance leaders are working hard to continually sharpen their skills so we often ask them:

“What resources do you actually find useful? Of everything out there, what do you just have to read, listen to, or engage with each month?”

Today, we’re opening up and sharing these top responses with you and the rest of our community.

Tomasz Tunguz's Blog and Newsletter

With over 100,000 subscribers, Tomasz’s newsletter is one of the most popular in the B2B SaaS community. And for good reason! Tomasz is absolutely brilliant when it comes to B2B SaaS (and we don’t say that lightly)!

Here are two things in particular that we think you’ll appreciate about his work:

  • He writes thoughtfully about a variety of topics! If you’re curious about benchmarks, fundraising, financials, or S1 analyses, then you’re bound to find value in Tomasz’s work. And that’s only scratching the surface!
  • The volume of high-quality content is unprecedented! If this is your first time reading Tomasz’s work then be prepared to go down a rabbit role. Tomasz has been writing for over ten years and somehow manages to write multiple posts per week!

To give you a taste of what he’s creating, here are a few of the pieces he’s published in the last couple of months:

Visit Tomasz Tunguz’s blog

For Entrepreneurs

There’s a reason that For Entrepreneurs was rated #1 on Inc Magazine’s List of the 50 Best Websites for Entrepreneurs: the content is fantastic!

For Entrepreneurs was started by entrepreneur and venture capitalist David Skok to share knowledge from his storied career. David is a serial entrepreneur turned VC who has a passion for helping entrepreneurs and startups.

His credentials include investing in software businesses like Hubspot and Cloudswitch, and he now serves on the board of several successful tech companies.

David’s content is targeted primarily to entrepreneurs, but as a finance leader in B2B SaaS you will also find it extremely helpful.

To get a feeling for the type of content you’ll get from For Entrepreneurs, here are a few resources that you can get started with:

Visit For Entrepreneurs

The SaaS CFO

The SaaS CFO is a critical resource founded by CPA, advisor and investor Ben Murray. The site is especially helpful for those seeking in-depth training and education about SaaS finance, as Ben offers both paid and free courses through the SaaS Academy. Plus, if you’re feeling like you need an extra helping hand, Ben offers private consulting!

Visit The SaaS CFO

Off the Ledger

If you’re looking for a community of your peers, then look no further than Off the Ledger. This Slack community, hosted by Airbase, provides a space for more than 3,500 finance and accounting professionals to exchange advice, browse job postings, and take part in thought-provoking conversations.

Visit Off The Ledger

The Official Saastr Podcast

Since it started in 2012, SaaStr has grown from a small Wordpress blog to the world’s largest community of SaaS leaders. In addition to their blog, SaaStr hosts an informative podcast for SaaS founders, executives and entrepreneurs. So if you prefer to listen to your content, then this is the resource for you!

Looking for some episodes to start with? We recommend these ones:

Visit The Official Saastr Podcast

Morning Brew

If you want to stay up-to-date on the news in just 5 minutes per day, consider signing up for Morning Brew. This free, daily email newsletter promises entertaining, witty, bite-sized takes on business topics. If you’re searching for long-form content, Morning Brew also hosts several podcasts and courses.

Visit Morning Brew


Kellblog was founded by Dave Kellogg, an advisor, director, consultant, and angel investor. His blog is populated with informative articles on SaaS topics with a focus on enterprise software startups. Dave’s decade of experience in a multitude of executive roles brings a unique and varied perspective to his work.

Curious about the type of content you’ll find here? These three posts will be a great place to start:

Visit Kellblog

Clouded Judgement

Clouded Judgement is a series of weekly data-driven posts that get published every Friday morning. The author, Jamin Ball, is a Partner at Altimeter Capital and is an expert at breaking down the latest valuation trends (and the operating metrics behind those trends) for public SaaS companies.

Visit Clouded Judgement