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Billing for B2B SaaS: Learn What Makes Subscript a Compelling Alternative

A comparison of Subscript and other invoicing and analytics solutions.

Looking for a billing and analytics solution? 

If you’re a finance leader at a B2B SaaS business and you have sales people closing deals, then Subscript is worth considering!

If you’re not in B2B SaaS, then other solutions are likely a better fit.

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Why consider Subscript over other solutions?

There are four specific areas where Subscript shines compared to the other tools available: flexibility, analytics, quality of support and pricing.


Subscript was built from the ground up to be a flexible billing and analytics solution for sales-led B2B SaaS companies.

Subscript focuses on being the most flexible solution because we know that if you have a sales team, then each deal that closes is likely going to be unique. Your account executives will do whatever they need to in order to close a deal!

For example, some customers might need to be billed monthly, while others only need annual invoices. Some might have usage-based pricing, while others will be seat-based. Or, some of your customers might even have billing that is tied back to certain milestones.

These differences will not only impact your invoicing schedules, but they’ll also impact how you recognize revenue, and how you measure your B2B SaaS metrics like ARR, CARR, and NRR. 

Plus, the way your company prices their products today is undoubtedly going to change in the next few years. It’s important to have a flexible system like Subscript that can change with your business! 

No matter what, Subscript can handle it. Since we focus exclusively on helping B2B SaaS finance teams, we obsess over the specific details and edge cases that matter to your business.

Many of the other solutions available were built to support multiple industries including e-commerce, e-learning, and e-publishing. 

"We made the switch from Chargebee to Subscript and haven't looked back! Chargebee led to a lot of headaches, frustratingly never provided quality support and simply isn't set up for software businesses - especially when you get into the intricacies of revenue accounting. Subscript has been incredible and we could not love working with their team more - rockstars building a much needed product."

- Alex Hoimes, VP, Finance & Ops at Drivepoint

B2B SaaS Analytics

Subscript’s analytics solution was purpose-built to exclusively help B2B SaaS finance teams. That means we’re fantastic at handling use cases that only matter to B2B SaaS businesses. 

For example, if you want to track ARR vs CARR then Subscript has you covered.

Or, maybe you want to give customers 60 days after their contract expires before you count them as churn. Subscript makes that easy too.

Or, maybe parent/child relationships are important to your business and you want to track NRR at the parent level instead of the child level.

These are the types of edge cases that Subscript obsesses over since helping B2B SaaS companies is our only focus.


When you compare Subscript to other solutions on G2, you’ll find that Subscript consistently has the highest ratings for “quality of support” and “has the product been a good partner in doing business?”.

At Subscript we’ll be with you every step of the way to support you on your journey.

“Aside from the product features, the best part about Subscript is the customer service. Of all the software tools I have used over the years, they are by far the most responsive, the best communicators, and the most attentive to answering our questions.”

- G2 review of Subscript
“I love how their knowledge of financial concepts and best practices combines well with the software they deliver. The insights provided by their charts and tools help us easily understand our business. And not just for the people that look at them everyday. For the departments that look once a week, or the investors that will look at it one time- the data and charts help us communicate financial information so much easier. But the thing that makes Subscript really helpful is their understanding of finance. They basically help do financial consulting for SaaS companies and we love it. We understand our business, but getting someone with 1) fresh eyes and 2) a general knowledge of the way other companies run finances is extremely helpful. And we have MULTIPLE instances where we adopted recommendations they made on reporting and tracking customers/deals/transactions.”

- G2 review of Subscript


Most other companies take a percentage of your billings. If your business sells to the mid-market or enterprise then you might find this type of pricing unfair. Just because you close one huge deal shouldn’t mean you have to pay more to send out the invoice.

That’s why we do things differently here at Subscript.

We believe you deserve fair, predictable, affordable pricing. We don’t take a percentage of your billings so you can grow your ARR without worrying about a skyrocketing Subscript price. Frankly, we know we don't deserve to grow as fast as you. We want to be your trusted partner for the long haul of your business.

Have you received pricing from another company and want to see how Subscript compares? Schedule a demo and we’ll be happy to discuss how our pricing stacks up.

What are other competitors?

We think Subscript is an excellent choice because it’s powerful, flexible, easy to use, and fairly priced. But besides Subscript, there are other competitors out there, such as Chargebee, Maxio and Recurly. We encourage you to compare these and other competitors to Subscript as well.

Any questions we didn’t answer

Do you have additional questions about how Subscript is a compelling alternative? If you do, we’re happy to talk to you about them. Please request a demo and we can connect real soon.