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Best Maxio & SaaSOptics Alternative: Learn What Makes Subscript a Compelling Alternative

A comparison of Maxio (which used to be called SaaSOptics) and Subscript for B2B SaaS billing and analytics

Looking for an alternative to Maxio and SaaSOptics? Subscript is the modern, flexible, and affordable way to invoice your customers and analyze your B2B SaaS metrics.

Whether you send one thousand invoices a month, or five per quarter, Subscript helps you get every invoice out on time. Instead of spending eight to sixteen hours per month on billing, you’ll be able to finish everything in less than an hour. And, you can finally enjoy the confidence of knowing that every detail is right, and every invoice is accounted for.

Plus, Subscript is flexible and future proof. As your company changes over time, Subscript will be there to support your evolving business model. Whether you offer usage-based pricing, multi-year deals with step ups, milestone based billing, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered. 

Why consider Subscript over Maxio and SaaSOptics?

Subscript and Maxio offer powerful solutions to help with your billing, rev rec, and analytics. Both options will save you time and money when it comes to invoicing your B2B SaaS customers. 

But, there are three specific areas where Subscript shines compared to Maxio: analytics, ease of use, and pricing. 

B2B SaaS Analytics

With Subscript, finance leaders can dive deep into their B2B SaaS metrics like never before. You’ll have Instant access to your ARR, CARR, LTV, CAC, NRR, GRR, and 54 other SaaS metrics so you can finally stop manually updating ARR spreadsheets and get hours back every week.

Subscript puts your B2B SaaS metrics at your fingertips with a modern and intuitive interface

Working with complex edge cases is where Subscript shines. This tool is built specifically for the modern, data-obsessed finance leader. You can use Subscript to:

  • Understand the impact of CARR vs ARR
  • Use parent/child relationships to better understand NRR
  • Understand the impact of usage-based revenue on your business
  • Use advanced cohort reports to track NRR over time by segment
  • Know which of your metadata correlates with higher or lower NRR

So, if you’ve ever felt unhappy with the analytics of other products, then Subscript is well worth a look.

"A lot of SaaS businesses are going to think they're really complex but trust me, there is no level of complexity that Subscript can't handle."

— Brad White, CFO of Decisely

Ease of use

Subscript is modern software that was designed and built in the last 5 years. You shouldn't have to choose between software that's powerful or easy to use. B2B SaaS finance leaders deserve a solution that's flexible, fairly priced, and easy to get started with.

Subscript makes it easy for you to filter your B2B SaaS metrics by product line, industry, segment size, or anything else you can imagine.

Compare Maxio and SaaSOptics' pricing to Subscript’s

Have you received pricing from Maxio/SaaSOptics and want to see how we compare? Schedule a demo and we’ll be happy to discuss how our pricing compares to Maxio’s pricing.

At Subscript, we believe you deserve fair, predictable, affordable pricing.

That’s why we don’t price based on a percentage of your ARR. We want you to grow your ARR fast without worrying about a skyrocketing Subscript price. Frankly, we know we don't deserve to grow as fast as you. We want to be your trusted partner for the long haul of your business.

What are other Maxio and SaaSOptics competitors?

We think Subscript is an excellent choice because it’s powerful, flexible, easy to use, and fairly priced. But besides Subscript, there are other Maxio competitors out there, such as Chargebee and Recurly. We encourage you to compare these and other Maxio competitors to Subscript as well.

Any questions we didn’t answer

Do you have additional questions about how Subscript is a compelling alternative to Maxio? If you do, we’re happy to talk to you about them. Please request a demo and we can connect real soon.